VIX – 15.80, Still locked near the 16 handle

Most active indices – VIX – 240k, SPY – 804k, SPX – 333K,

Most active equity options: DIS, AAPL, AMD, TSLA, FB, LULU, GE, NFLX, AMZN, BABA 

SPY goes ex-div on June 21


Tuesday – Dave & Busters

Wednesday – Lululemon

Thursday – Broadcom




Call love in Tellurian Inc (TELL)

Call love in EQT Corporation (EQT)




#Options #QuestionoftheWeek – #Bitcoin $BTC is hovering around $8500 right now. If you had to make a 1-month #options trade expiring 6/31 – would you rather…

– Buy $9000 Call

– Buy $8000 Put

– Sell $8000 Put

– Other – reply/dm w/strat

The hilarious story of /u/1R0NYMAN and Robin Hood.

SirSoliloquy – What’s hilarious is that, with the way robinhood is set up, /u/1R0NYMAN was somehow able to cash out $10,000 of robinhood’s money before everything disappeared. So robinhood lost hundreds of thousands, but /u/1RONYMAN gained thousands

TheRealOneTwo – Basically Robin hood screwed up. They were giving people leverage without margin. Basically saying you are good for $200k in trades though you only had $1k in the account. No agreement for a loan (margin). Trader was shortboxing and lost. The actual risk to him was nothing since he did not agree to a loan (will be determined by the SEC). Robin hood is on the hook for his losses. RH has since blocked shortboxing.




This Week in the Market:

Jun 13 – Jobless Claims, Import and Export Prices

Jun 14 – Retail Sales, Consumer Sentiment

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