Crypto Rundown

Bitcoin…Ether…Ripple…Lightcoin and more. Crypto currencies and other digital assets are taking the financial world by STORM.

This exploding market provides everything a savvy trader needs – volatility, volume and liquidity – provided you know how to find it. That’s where we come in.

Welcome to the Crypto Rundown. Each week we’ll break down the latest trading activity, trends and developments on everything from coins to tokens, futures and even OTC crypto options. If it’s moving the crypto markets then you’ll find it on The Crypto Rundown…

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The Crypto Rundown 15: Serena Williams vs Crypto Bulls

BITCOIN BREAKDOWN Bitcoin is back in rally mode - up nearly $260 from last show. Bitcoin price RSI confirms possible long-term bull reversal. As a result, BTC may rise to the former support-turned-resistance of $6,000 over the next couple of months. Tennis Star Serena...

The Crypto Rundown 14: Crypto Bulls Take a Breather

BITCOIN BREAKDOWN Guest Co-Host: Bill Uliveri, Athena Bitcoin Taking a bit of a breather - BTC down over $100 from last show, currently at $5215. It dipped briefly below $5000 last week but regain that level quickly. CME BTC Futures - decent volume as futures rally...

The Crypto Rundown 13: The Crypto Explosion

BITCOIN BREAKDOWN What a week! BTC up nearly $1100 from last show ($4127). Bitcoin led the market-wide charge on April 2, surging over 20% in a single hour. Recent Bitcoin activity on Akuna. CME Group Bitcoin Futures reported record trading volume on April 4...

The Crypto Rundown 12: From Cannabis to Crypto

 CRYPTO HOT SEAT Guest: Brian Liston, COO of Seed CX What happened to the original cannabis/hemp mission of Seed? What was it like building out this platform during the turbulent past 12 months for crypto? What sets Seed apart? Which liquidity providers are...

The Crypto Rundown 10: The First Crypto Options Fund

CRYPTO HOT SEAT Guest: Josh Green, Head of Trading, Digital Asset Capital Management What was it like running a crypto fund in 2018? What is a digital asset fund? How is the ICO Fund performing these days? Tell us about your options fund. What are your thought on the...

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