Crypto Rundown

Bitcoin…Ether…Ripple…Lightcoin and more. Crypto currencies and other digital assets are taking the financial world by STORM.

This exploding market provides everything a savvy trader needs – volatility, volume and liquidity – provided you know how to find it. That’s where we come in.

Welcome to the Crypto Rundown. Each week we’ll break down the latest trading activity, trends and developments on everything from coins to tokens, futures and even OTC crypto options. If it’s moving the crypto markets then you’ll find it on The Crypto Rundown…

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TCR 45: Catching Up With ErisX

TCR 45: Catching Up With ErisX

In this special holiday edition of The Crypto Hot Seat, Mark is joined by Matt Trudeau, Chief Strategy Officer – ErisX.

TCR 42: Is It Time for a Bitcoin VIX?

TCR 42: Is It Time for a Bitcoin VIX?

“Bitcoin volatility likely to decline as more listed options products go live in the coming months.” – Simon Ho, T3 Index, on this episode of The Crypto Rundown.

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