The close of April is likely to offer important clues for the next big move in the crypto market — we share 4 key charts that show some key differences you’ll want to watch — ESPECIALLY XRP.

As patterns indicated, volatility has increased which lead to price for BTC and most of the altcoin market dropping sharply a few days ago. This led to several of the key levels we shared for key altcoins being broken.

Does this mean we’re heading lower? We think the monthly charts offer the best look at the current set up. Notes are on the charts but here are a few “bottom line” highlights

  • BTC still looking bullish especially as long as price stays above $5000
  • XRP RED ALERT — needs to get back above .30 in a hurry
  • BNB showing some weakness, but still edge to bulls above $20
  • ETH has mixed signals but the $150 level should tell the story.

Two charts we studied also worth watching are: LTC (monthly pattern same as ETH) and BAT (higher price/higher volume = edge to bulls but we think BTC and the large altcoins are better indicators).

FINAL NOTE: These updates are from MONTHLY charts — they cannot be traded on their own as there can be huge moves during a month that would rarely, if ever be a safe trade.