• Host: Mark Longo, The Options Insider Media Group
  • Co-Host: Mark Sebastian, Option Pit
  • MIAX Hot Seat Guest: Henry Schwartz, Trade Alert


Update on the latest trades, trends and developments in the world of volatility including:

  • Trade war back in the hot seat.
  • VIX cash, Spikes,VIX Futures and VVIX overview.
  • VIX options breakdown – strong volume week
  • Spikes options breakdown – OI pretty much unchanged from last week
  • VXX options breakdown
  • Volatility Product Volume OI chart courtesy of Trade Alert.¬†


  • QUESTION FROM FOLEY: You guys are like swammys with that vvix thing. You call it every time! The second it gets close to 70 it explodes. I think thats the best indicator i’ve seen in some time. What are the best ways to take advantage of it? Just load up on vix calls?

THE CRYSTAL BALL РWhere will VIX/SPIKES be next week?

  • Mark: 16.75
  • Andrew/Meatball: 15.13
  • Henry: 16.25

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