Volatility Views 362: Is the VIX Whale Back?

  • Host: Mark Longo, The Options Insider Media Group
  • Co-Host: Andrew Giovinazzi, Option Pit
  • Miax Hot Seat Guests: Shelly Brown, MIAX Options. 


Update on the latest trades, trends and developments in the world of volatility including:

  • Rally ho on the back of strong earnings
  • VIX cash, Spikes,VIX Futures and VVIX overview. 
  • Has FiddyCent returned to VIX?
  • VIX options breakdown – Decent volume week
  • Spikes options breakdown – OI pretty much unchanged from last week
  • VXX options breakdown
  • Earnings volatility breakdown for AMZN, GOOGL and more…


  • QUESTION FROM SHELTON: I’m sitting on some decent profits in my vxx jan puts (thx to you guys). My query is what do I do now? I’m tempted to sell them out because I’m up over 2X on the position. But my gut says there is more downside to come. However, I know from listening to you guys that an upside blip can happen between now and then which will wipe out all of my gains. What about some fairly cheap Dec or Jan OTM calls as a hedge? Put some of my gains back to work as a way to hedge the position?
  • QUESTION FROM LLL77: What’s next for spikes?


  • Mark: 12.25/12.35
  • Andrew: 11.50 /11.95