Looking Back at a Historic Year

Listen to This Week in Futures Options 132: Looking Back at a Historic Year

2018 Year-in-Review:

  • Ags/Soybeans
  • Nat Gas
  • Equities/Russell
  • Metal/Gold
  • Cyrpto

Futures Options Feedback: Listener thoughts and musings

  • Question from Jamal A. Lee – Thoughts on chance of BTC options listing in 2019?
  • Question from Shasha3 – Biggest surprise of 2018? Any crazy expectations for next year?
  • Question from Tarles – Concrete plans to bring back RVX in 2019? Seems like market makers would be interested in more volatility offerings these days?
  • Question from C Tauck – Is this market whipsaw enough to make people rethink purely passive investing? Maybe they will consider an active allocation or perhaps even hedging themselves in 2019?
  • Question from BBoy2 – What is the technical definition of a skew trade?
  • Question from Burns – Is buying a call actually the best way to get long stock in this market?