Discussing the newest project from?the original Market Wizard

Download Trading Tech Talk 59: Finding New Market Wizards with FundSeeder

CTO Interview with Jack Schwager: Author extraordinaire and now co-founder of Fund Seeder. Mr. Schwager is the author of Market Wizards, Hedge Fund Market Wizards, A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets: Fundamental Analysis, Trading Spreads and Options (and the second edition just hit store shelves!)

He discusses:

  • Was he surprised by the reaction to Market Wizards?
  • How did that book come about?
  • His new project in the trading tech space: FundSeder
  • What is FundSeeder?
  • How does the funding process work?
  • Do traders have to reveal their secret sauce in order to receive funding?

Hot Topics in Tech: What is on our radar from a tech perspective?

  • Tech firm creates Trump monitor for stock markets. A London-based Fintech firm Trading.co.uk is launching an app that will generate trading alerts for shares based on comments made on social media by Donald Trump.
  • Launching an open-outcry trading floor? How very 21st century.Box Options Exchange is building the first new trading floor in Chicago in decades – Boyle expects to attract traders who prefer open outcry for big orders and keep them with a more efficient 21st-century floor model.