From Wallstrip to StockTwits with Howard Lindzon

Download Trading Tech Talk 57: Talking StockTwits and Stocktoberfest with Howard Lindzon

CTO Interview: Today we are featuring Howard Lindzon, Founder of StockTwits, and Founder of Wallstrip.

He discusses:

  • Wallstrip and its flip to CBS
  • The genesis and evolution of StockTwits
  • Twitter pulling the rug out from under StockTwits
  • How does StockTwits generate revenue?
  • Stocktoberfest (Register today for Stocktoberfest)

Hot Topics in Tech: IEX finally approved putting a 350 millisecond speed bump in place. Only two stocks will be available to trade on the opening day on Friday with another eight securities will start trading on IEX August 24 – August 29, IEX will begin listing a much wider universe, including all NYSE and Nasdaq-listed stocks.?Renaissance Technologies hopes to use physics to battle Wall Street speed demons. Their plan involves algorithms, servers and the worlds most accurate timekeeper currently used for GPS satellites and deep space exploration, the atomic clock.