Blockchain, Reg NMS, IES, Cattlemen. So much to discuss.

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Hot Topics in Tech: CFTC too broke to properly police flash traders, Massad says -The top U.S. derivatives regulator said his agency needs more money to keep up with the Flash Boys. Cattlemen vs CME – Round 2. Cattlemen asked for numerous changes. IEX battle heats up – Citadel has been one of the most vehement objectors to IEX, and has filed three public letters and held three meetings with SEC officials to lobby against the application. Aquis Exchange to ban predatory high-speed trading – A start-up European share trading venue is aiming to reboot its fortunes by banning aggressive high-speed trading from its platform. High-frequency trader warns of potential market “catastrophe” – The head of one of the biggest high-frequency trading companies has warned that there are several faultlines in the structure of increasingly electronic, automated financial markets that could lead to a ?catastrophe? in the long run.

Blockchain Update: IBM Director declares ‘We?re all in on Blockchain” – John Wolpert gave a keynote speech covering the deficiencies in the approaches being taken by today?s blockchain developers and why he believes a more collaborative approach is needed to bring the tech to market. Bitcoin outage – NADEX detailed a halt in trading of its daily and weekly bitcoin binary contracts, based on the so called unavailability of the price index that underlies the contracts.

The Inbox: Listener questions and comments

  • Comment from Tom, Henderson, NV – I live on the cusp of civilization out here, so I have no choice but to take a more position oriented view on trading. I am not saying that I want to be a market maker of HFT but how funny is it that today your location (or more appropriately your connectivity) dictates your trading style? Seems somewhat backwards to me.
  • Question from N Filasco – I am over Blockchain. What is the next thing?