OPR 300th Episode Spectacular
On this episode, Mark and Brian celebrate an impressive milestone for OPR! Not many programs in any medium, let alone podcasts, survive for 300 episodes. What better way to celebrate this landmark achievement than by welcoming on the people who made it all possible…YOU! Topics discussed:

  • Should the Fig Leaf really be The Speedo?
  • What to do if a call trade goes against you?
  • Why aren’t options free to trade?
  • What does Brian think about bitcoin options?
  • What portion of your portfolio should you REALLY allocate toward hedging?
  • And much more…

The Options Playbook is available on OptionsPlaybook.com, or on the Amazon Kindle edition.  Do you have a question that you want answered on a future episode? Send them to Brian at [email protected], or to the Options Insider at [email protected]

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