Welcome to our 800th episode!

Most active indices: VIX – 348k, SPY – 1.14M, SPX – 572k

Most active equity options: FB, TSLA, MSFT, AAPL, DIS, AMD, TWTR, T, SNAP, BAC

Earnings Highlights:

Tuesday – Twitter, Snap

Wednesday – FB, Tesla, Microsoft, Boeing, Chipotle, PayPal, WWE

Thursday – Amazon, Starbucks, Intel, Grubhub, Mattel


#Options #QOTW: $TSLA open interest continues to be dominated by far #OTM “Mystery Puts.” The lion’s share of the OI is at the 100 strike and below. There are many reasons for this. But it leads to a simple question – do you think $TSLA be below $100 by Jan expiration?

– Yes?

– No?

Question from Arbitar – What’s the real reason that you think so many people are gobbling up crazy Tesla puts?

Comment from BTCVIX – Way back in 2012 and 2013 I started listening to Longo and the rest of the crew — I am pretty sure I am on record at some point asking the first Bitcoin question late 2013. Obviously, I choose to stick with my taste in volatility world and choose my name as @BTCVIX lol

Question from Rayman5839 – Hi! Is the option premium counted toward exercising an option when in the money?. New to options, thanks…So it would only be profitable if the intrinsic value heavily outweighs extrinsic?

Question from Vaseris – Hello OB. Do you guys think there is one thing that all options traders do that is a mistake?

Question from Big T – I’ve been listening to this show since the early days and am incredibly thankful for the years of great content and education you have provided. I would like to show my support and gratitude in some way for all that you’ve done. Do you have a store or a Patreon or something that I can buy to say thanks for making such a great network?