• GUEST: Jeremie Bacon, CEO, Imagineer Technology Group
  • Provide our listeners with an overview of your background in the financial technology space.
  • What is Imagineer Technology Group?
  • Tell us about your 3 different product offerings.
  • What is Clienteer Web?
  • Do you notice any unique challenges within your different niches (hedge funds, venture funds, private equity) or are they effectively the same from a software design point of view?
  • When a fund reaches out to you, what is the #1 thing that they are looking for? Marketing? IR Documentation? What is the big driver?
  • Do you notice any particular unique needs for the institutional players in the derivatives space vs. traditional equities?
  • They say the fund management software industry is booming. Why is that? What is driving that growth?
  • What can we do to grow the alts pie and get more funds into alts?
  • What are you seeing in the institutions and crypto markets?
  • What is the latest with the Illinois Technology Association?
  • And much more…


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