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When Mark was at the FIA Conference in Boca, he laid claim to his favorite croquet courtside recording spot where he caught up with Don Montanaro, CEO of TradeKing. They discussed:

  • The Zecco acquisition, and why it was such a great fit for TradeKing
  • Technological elements that are being offered, picking from the best of both Zecco and TradeKing
  • The new Forex platform
  • New investors who might be interested in the combined entity
  • Additional acquisition opportunities
  • The clearing issues that the acquisition created, and the hunt for a new clearing partner
  • How TradeKing is dealing with the downturn in options trading that happened in 2012, and what they’re expecting for 2013
  • Readiness for Mini options
  • Binary options
  • The ORF fee
  • The potential of a transaction tax
  • And more…