Basic Training: Expiration Mythbusting

  • What is expiration? Why do options expire? What does Triple Witching mean? Quadruple Witching?
  • How does expiration impact the Greeks? How has expiration changed with the advent of the weeklys?
  • Myth: Is it true that options control the stock market on expiration Friday?
  • What happens when you exercise an option? American vs. European exercise? Can you exercise options early? Should you? How does auto-exercise work?

Mail Call: Fall in for listener questions

  • Question from Christina Rico – Will we ever have daily options?
  • Question from Ian Nichol – Love the show. What do you guys (and lady) think of this VXX debacle with FINRA and Wells Fargo? Seems like a few of the folks at Wells Fargo should have been listening to this show.
  • Question from TradeHer – How do we get more ladies into #options?