Mail Call: Fall in while your drill instructors answer your questions.

  • Comment from Andrew McNichol – Big fan of your podcast. I appreciate how you start at square one and then walk listeners through every element of options and options trading. Thanks.
  • Question from Tim D. – How high do rates need to be before I need to worry about rho?
  • Question from Kraken1975 – Which of the Greeks do you utilize the most and why?
  • Question from Meatz – Would you describe successful options trading as primarily singles and doubles or more swing for the fences home runs?
  • Question from LCB – This is a challenging time to sell options due to low volatility. So does it stand that the opposite is true? Is it a good time to buy options? Particularly protective puts?
  • Question from Mary – What’s the shortest expiry available for plain vanilla options?
  • Question from Ejh4isu – What qualifications do I need to work in the industry as a professional, i.e. as a trader? Is that a career path I’d even want to consider?
  • Question from Privateer – Permission to speak freely sirs! Hi guys, Love the show and the entertaining military themed education. I’ve recently been learning about an exciting strategy called writing call options with CFDs. The claim by the teacher is that CFDs can leverage the return on premium selling by ten times, and reduce your break even significantly. I’m very invested in how this could apply in selling both legs i.e. covered strangles or straddles. Can you discuss the downsides, upsides and hedging strategies used in this scenario,and how to mitigate risk especially on the put leg. Sirs yes sir!
  • Question from Axel D. – Why does open interest only update once a day?