HOST: MARK LONGO, CEO and Founder, Options Insider Media Group

CO-HOST: MATT AMBERSON, Principal, Option Research & Technology Services

CO-HOST: CHRIS HAUSMAN, Portfolio Manager, Managing Director of Risk, Swan Global Investments

CO-HOST: JON CHERRY, Global Head of Options, Northern Trust Capital Markets

The Buzz
– What did we learn from the STAC options panel
– Analyzing a volatile start to 2019
–  Earnings season straddle analysis
– Hedged equity vs. Markowitz Portfolio Theory
– People would rather discuss race and politics over retirement savings
– Barrons Top Advisors list completely ignores options – again
– Advisors don’t need to fear Amazon

Office Hours
– Backtesting leap puts in retail accounts
– Should you write calls on dividend-paying stocks
– Options are still the silver bullet to kill robo advisors