2018 Review, plus Talking Options with Clients

Listen to Advisors Option 74: 2018 Review, plus Talking Options with Clients

This episodes co-hosts are:

  • Matt Amberson, Principal, Option Research & Technology Services
  • Chris Hausman, Portfolio Manager, Managing Director of Risk, Swan Global Investments
  • Jon Cherry, Global Head of Options, Northern Trust Capital Markets

2018 Options Year-In-Review

Tricks of the Trade: Advocating for the value of options to clients

The Buzz: Barron’s names top 1,200 advisors of 2018

Office Hours: Listener questions and comments

  • Question from Liam Hardy – Thoughts on options sellers hedge fund blowing out from recent nat gas spike? Is this just another example of getting greedy selling options without appropriate risk management?
  • Question from Neville T. – What are your predictions for the options market for 2019?