Trading Options During Earnings Season

Listen to Advisors Option 69: Trading Options During Earnings Season

The Buzz: What do busy financial advisors need to know?

Options question of the week: Trading options during earnings season can be challenging. Some live for it while others avoid it. Do you hold options positions through earnings announcements? If so, what is your approach? Or do you prefer to trade just before/after the event? Or is it all too risky?

  • 28% – Yes, Short Premium
  • 20% – Yes, Long Premium
  • 25% – No,Too Risky
  • 27% – I trade around the event

OIC’S Annual Summit on Fundamental and Technical Analysis

  • OIC recently hosted its annual Summit on Fundamental and Technical Analysis.
  • How did that go?
  • What was the reception for your panel?
  • What is an important takeaway?

Office Hours: Listener questions and comments

  • Question from Options Knight – Loving the AO show. Great stuff as usual from OI network. Was surprised to hear a whole episode about calendar spreads. Are there a lot of advisors out there doing calendars for their clients? Or is that more of an educational piece for the bleeding edge of the advisor space who are looking for something a little more compelling for their high-end clients? Either way I loved the episode and think more advisors should be doing this stuff. Just wondered what you boots-on-the-ground guys thought about the actual reach of the strategy.
  • Question from FlyGuy – Hey what do you guys do with your long calendar spreads? Do you close out the short leg if the stock doesn’t move then keep the long leg or just close the whole spread out?
  • Comment from DaLegit – Great show on calendars. I’m still working up to that level. Not sure I’m ready yet but when I am you guys will be the first to know.
  • Question from Teal C. – Can you do a show on short calendars? Why use? Pros/cons vs. long calendars? Maybe a cool backtest or two?