Unusual options trading activity alert: A big put seller hits the bid in BCS,? a possible risk reversal in AMBC and ratio calls trade in PBR .



Puts Trade In BCS- A Big Put Seller Hits The Bid

BCS logo

Shares of Barclays PLC (BCS) are up .33 to 15.14 today.? BCS is in the middle of the 52 week range.

Today paper traded 8000 BCS Dec 15 puts at .60.??

  • ADV is 1605 contracts.?
  • The OI is 397.

Volume went up in 1 block of 8000 contracts.? The trade hit the bid with substantial but selling going up near the bid in several strikes in BCS.? The customer(s) is looking for BCS to put in some kind of bottom down here.? IV is down .75 in the IV30.

  • 30-day implied volatility is 22%.??
  • 10-day implied volatility is 12%.?
  • 30 day implied volatility is trading above the 10 realized volatility.

Barclays PLC (Barclays) is a global financial services provider engaged in retail banking, credit cards, wholesale banking, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services.


Combos Trade In AMBC – Possible Risk Reversal Here

AMBAC logo

Shares of Ambac Financial Group, Inc (AMBC) are down .11 to 23.79.? AMBC is near the middle of the 52 week range.

Today paper traded 2500 AMBC Jan 20 puts for 1.00 and 2500/5000 AMBC Jan 25/30 ratio call spread for .70.?

  • The ADV is 715 contracts.?
  • The OI is 1966 on the puts and 3064/12430 on the ratio calls.

Volume went up in 3 blocks.? The trade went up marked spread and mostly between the markets.? Generally a 1 x 2 spread like this for a debit with a put to finance would be long 1 call and short 2 with the put for a credit overall.? The trader is trying to finance a move to the upside.? There is very high open interest so there could be a 1 x 2 close and a shift to the short put so check the OI tomorrow.? If the new trade is additive it is slightly bullish.

  • 30-day implied volatility is 41%.?
  • 10-day implied volatility is 18%.?
  • 30 day implied volatility is trading above the 10 realized volatility

Ambac Financial Group, Inc. (Ambac) is a primarily a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, provides financial guarantees and financial services to clients in both the public and private sectors worldwide.


Ratio Calls Trade In PBR ? Big 1 x 2 Spreads Go Up For Close To Even

PBR logo

Shares of Patroleo Brasileiro Petrobras (PBR) are down .36 to 20.29 today.? PBR is near the top of the 52 week range.

Today paper traded 20000/40000 PBR Nov 24/26 call spread for even to .04.

  • The ADV is 61k contracts.
  • The OI is 2807 and 11 contracts.

Volume went up in several giant blocks.? The trade is set up to buy one and sell two for a small price so the investor is looking for some serious upside in PBR.? The trade is very profitable if PBR closes above $24 by Nov expiration.? UA profiled 1 x 2 activities yesterday in PBR.

  • 30-day implied volatility is 50%.?
  • 10-day implied volatility is 44%.?
  • 30 day implied volatility is trading above the 10 realized volatility

Petroleo Brasileiro SA Petrobras (Petrobras) is a Brazil-based integrated oil and gas company. The Company divides its activities into seven segments: Exploration and Production; Refining, Transportation and Marketing; Gas and Power; Biofuel; Distribution and International. Directly or through its subsidiaries, Petrobras is engaged in the research, extraction, refining, processing, trade and transport of oil from wells, shale and other rocks, its derivatives, natural gas and other liquid hydrocarbons, as well as in activities related to energy, development, production, transport, distribution and commercialization of energy.