Shares of KBW Bank Index (BKX) are trading 68.8. BKX is trading near the top of the 52 week range.

Today paper traded 6000 Jul 70 calls at .95. ?The ADV is 444 contracts.? The OI is 12 contracts on the two strikes.

The volume went up in one big block.? There is other 6000 lot blocks of open interest and this could be hedging those plays with BKX on a bit of a run. The IV is up slightly in July but it is hard to tell buying versus selling.? Most likely due to the size of the premium customer sold the calls.?

30-day implied volatility is 12%.?? 10-day implied volatility is 9%.? 30 day implied volatility is trading above10 Day Historical volatility.

KBW Bank Index (BKX) covers many financial services companies.