Shares of FuelCell Energy Inc. (FCEL) are trading up .06 to 1.59 today.? FCEL is in the middle of the 52 week range.

Today paper traded 23750 MTL Apr 2 puts at .20 and 36329 Jul 3 calls for .15-.24.? ADV is 661 contracts.? The OI is 3176 contracts.

The volume went up mostly in small blocks paying .20 and then getting filled eventually.? The .20 bid is still there and this mostly looks like a closing order.? Essentially a short call customer is closing.? They might intend to get some run out of the stock.

30-day implied volatility is 102%.? ?10-day implied volatility is 27%.? 30 day implied volatility is trading above the 10 Day Historical volatility.

FuelCell Energy, Inc. (FuelCell Energy) is an integrated fuel cell company.