9900 KR Apr 32.5 calls went up in 1 block on the ARCA


Shares of the Kroger Co (KR) are up .33 to 32.13 today.? KR is near the middle of the 52 week range.

  • Paper traded 9900 KR Apr 32.5 calls for 1.05 today. ??
  • The ADV is 6961 contracts.?
  • The OI is 3216 contracts.

The volume went up in 1 block on the ARCA.? Over 12k calls traded as buyers jump into KR prior to earnings.? There is robust paper buying calls and puts however and IV is up 5 points today.

  • IV 30 is trading 35%
  • HV10 is trading for 26%.?
  • IV 30 is trading below the HV 10.

The Kroger Co. operates retail food and drug stores, multi-department stores, jewelry stores and convenience stores across the United States.