On Monday as the second quarter came to an end, the?S&P 500?(SPX) grabbed its fifth straight month of gains and its largest second-quarter addition since 2009, reported MarketWatch.

For the month, SPX closed at 1,960.19, adding 3.9% during June and 5% for the quarter.

To-date, the index has undergone?22 record close highs and?a recent?Reuters poll?disclosed that market participants believe its not over yet as they think the SPX will hit 2,000 by year end.

As for the Dow Jones Industrial Average?(DJIA), it closed out June off?25.24 points (0.2%), to 16,825.96, but increased 1.9% through the month and 2.2% for the quarter.

The?Nasdaq?Composite (COMP)?closed up 10.25 points (0.2%) to end the month at 4,408.18. For June, it gained 3.9% and for the quarter, up 5%.

Looking at 2014’s first six months,?the SPX increased 6.1%, the Dow jumped 1.5%, and the Nasdaq rose 5.5%. During this period, airline, pharmaceutical, and utilities stocks were the leading advancers.?

The VIX ended the quarter?at 11.57, up 2.8 percent.