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New S&P 500 End-of-Month Options to launch July 7 $SPX $SPXW

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VIX to Add Half-Point Strikes in Near-Term $VXST #VIX #VIX strike price


Derivatives Market Landscape: Significant Increase in Overall Size of Derivatives Industry

ISE Holdings?@ISEexchange?

NEWS: ISE Holdings welcomes its newest Board Member, Jonathan Rosen, Managing Director at Citadel Securities

Jared Woodard??@jaredwoodard??

SPX implied volatility skew is making record highs vs realized vol, but please tell us more about ?complacency.”

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in December of 2006 the $VIX traded 9.39


$VIX fell 8.7% last week to 11.36, closing about 2 points from an all-time low

Steven Russolillo?@srussolillo?

Slow start, big finish? Only nine years S&P 500 was up less than 4% through May. It kept rallying seven of nine times

NYSE Euronext?@NYSEEuronext?

5/30/1973: The 20 billionth share is listed on the NYSE. #OnThisDay Today, more than 469 billion shares are listed.

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John Lothian?@JohnLothian?

Emerging Stocks Set for Longest Monthly Winning Streak Since ?09


$LOVOL – CBOE Low Volatility Index hit all-time daily closing high of 167.50 on May 23

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Steven Russolillo??@srussolillo?

So much for that “sell in May” thing: S&P 500 rallied 2.1% this month, hit 14th record of year

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BATS Global Markets??@BATSGlobal??

BATS 1000 Index closes at all-time high, closing week at 21,661.65: #BATSK


Both the S&P 500 and the #DJIA closed at record highs today. (Friday)

Economic news


The dynamic at the Federal Reserve may be about to change:


Fed?s Plosser: U.S. Inflation is on its Way Back Toward 2% Target via @WSJEcon


Lower mortgage rates unlikely to boost the housing market via @SoberLook


WSJ Markets?@WSJmarkets?

In 2013, the muni-bond market had its worst year almost two decades: Now, it’s roaring back:

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Josh Belanger?@optionsizzle?

Gorgeous day in Chicago. Traders in the pits clearing out to enjoy.

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Ballmer Buys @LAClippers for $2B VIA @TheDealNewsroom

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WSJ Markets?@WSJmarkets?

More homeowners borrow against their homes. “That is the No. 1 product that customers want.”


Part-time positions in Japan now make up almost 40 percent of the workforce:

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Google’s employees are mostly white men. Why that matters: by @kristianiaclark

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Learning Curve?@LearningCurveEd?

“Your diploma isn’t just some PDF that you print out and frame” – William Shattner.

Yahoo Finance??@YahooFinance?

Netflix rose almost 30% in May, and only experienced four down days for the entire month. $NFLX @CNBC


.@GoldmanSachs predicts #Brazil will win 2014 FIFA #WorldCup $GS

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