On Tuesday, the Options Industry Council (OIC) announced that 321,358,397 total options contracts exchanged hands in June, 11.03 percent less than the previous June when 361,180,257 contracts traded.

Record-low volatility has impacted trading–an unusual pattern for June–but volume increased as compared to May, up nearly 2 percent. Year-to-date volume stood at 2,083,091,200, off the 2,112,336,178 contracts traded in the same period last year by 1.38 percent.

This marks the fifth consecutive year that first half trading volume has surpassed 2 billion contracts.

June average daily volume was down 15.26 percent as 15,302,781 contracts traded as compared to last June?s 18,059,013 contracts.

Equity options volume (options on individual stocks and ETPs) was 288,321,310 contracts, down 11.80 percent compared to the previous June when 326,896,154 contracts traded. Average daily volume for equity options in June was 13,729,586 contracts, 16 percent less than last year?s 16,344,808 contracts.

Year-to-date equity options volume stood at 1,876,930,553 contracts, off 2 percent compared to the 1,915,146,374 contracts traded at the same point last year.