The North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex) has announced that its 2014 first quarter exchange volume of binary options and spread contracts traded rose 49.8% quarter-over-quarter from the first quarter in 2013. The most heavily traded contracts on the exchange for the first quarter included the US500 and USD/JPY.

According to Nadex’s press release, a significant portion of the volume growth can be attributed to a rise Nadex?s overnight?trading?activity through the addition of listings available to overnight traders in several FX contracts as well as the Japan 225 binary options. This trading volume growth also reflects a similar one in the number of active traders on the Exchange.

Tim McDermott, CEO designate at Nadex, said of the quarter,??We have seen a record number of active traders trading in the first quarter, building on the great momentum Nadex achieved in 2013. This consistent, broad-based growth reflects a rising interest in binary options as this new way of trading becomes more popular among U.S. traders. We are pleased to see this level of engagement continue with the exchange?s members and anticipate that, as retail traders become more familiar with binary options,?trading?volumes?will continue to increase.?