On Monday, the Intercontinental Exchange?(NYSE: ICE) provided an update regarding its transition of the Liffe futures and options contracts to the ICE futures exchanges, trading platform and clearing infrastructure.

On?June 9, 2014, the following Liffe U.S. interest rate futures were successfully transitioned to ICE Futures Europe and ICE Clear Europe.

  • Three-Month Eurodollar Futures
  • US Agency DTCC GCF Repo Index??Futures
  • US Mortgage-Backed Securities DTCC GCF Repo Index??Futures
  • US Treasury DTCC GCF Repo Index??Futures

The transition of DTCC GCF Repo Index futures and Eurodollar futures involved ICE’s global customer base with 261,000 contracts being transferred to ICE Clear Europe and US?$61 million?margin held at the clearing house on Monday morning.?

Separately, the Liffe U.S.?MSCI?equity index and precious metal futures contracts will transition to ICE Futures U.S. and ICE Clear U.S. on?June 30, 2014, where they will trade alongside ICE?s Russell index futures and agricultural commodity contracts.

Following the separation of the Liffe and Euronext businesses earlier this year, the transition of Liffe?s European interest rate, agriculture and equity derivatives markets remains on track to migrate to ICE Futures Europe by year end, based on the schedule below. This will centralize ICE?s global interest rate portfolio on one exchange and trading platform, maximizing operational and capital efficiencies for customers.

Liffe Agricultural Commodities

(Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, Feed Wheat)

? September 2014 ?
Liffe European Interest Rates

(Bonds, Sterling (including mid curves), Swapnote, Euroswiss, 1 mth Eonia)

? October 2014 ?
Liffe European Interest Rates

(Euribor, Euro mid-curve, 3 mth Eonia)

? November 2014 ?
Liffe Equity Derivatives

(Equity indices, single stock futures and options)

? November 2014