It might. Why? Because whales love to set up for big moves around news that helps them make money, and they’ve done it many times before in crypto — Remember the BTC halving? The BCH Split? BCH/BSV Split? The ETH DAO hack? The billion air drops? Looking back, none of these really meant much in the big picture for crypto prices, but they sure created HUGE moves when they happened.

We’ll also note that things have been extremely quiet in the crypto market for the last week or so. The biggest movers UP OR DOWN in the top 100 cryptos today are under 10% Summer trading? Everyone’s now happy with their crypto positions so volatility is gone?

We don’t think so. Just look back 30 days on the charts and you’ll see they don’t think so either.

Something may be up…..

So, CryptoPatterns think it’s best to be prepared and therefore we are sharing updated set ups for BTC and LTC, so you can create a trading strategy and be ready if the big moves happen.

You might want to read this too — just so you’re familiar with they’re latest excuse for a potential big move :-)

Litecoin Halving: All You Need to Know Before the Day