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Hot Topics in Tech: Exchange leaders take on dark pools. CBOE?s Ed Tilly says less dark trades would benefit the market. Meanwhile, CME?s Terry Duffy think regulators should look in dark pools.? NYSE will pare down the number of customer orders. O’Malia says high-speed trading outpaces CFTC oversight. Goldman under investigation for high-speed trading. UBS launches new trading algo platform. Hedge funds pump liquidity into options markets.??

The Inbox: Listener Questions and Comments

Question from Charles Beldon, Wichita, KA – I enjoyed your earlier program about cyber security at the exchanges. DO you feel this is a recent phenomenon resulting from the changing geopolitical climate? Or has this been the case for the past decade, and exchanges and brokerage firms are just owing up to it now?

Comment from Mr. Tor -?Any chance of an exchange CTO roundtable on the show? Would be great to get the lay of the land, so to speak, from an exchange respective. Maybe brokers and prop firms as well? Thanks.