Featuring a wrap up of the Swan CIO Summit

Download The Advisors Option 54: Live from the Swan CIO Summit

Recorded live at the Swan CIO summit, Mark is joined by:

  • Chris Hausman, Portfolio & Chief Technical Strategist, Swan Global Investments
  • Aash Vyas, Director of Portfolio Strategy and Overlays, Swan Global Investments

They discuss:

  • What is the CIO Summit?
  • What were the highlights of the Summit?
  • Upside/Downside Capture
  • The importance of education
  • Are options becoming more mainstream?
  • Harvesting risk premium
  • Why Swan takes a longer-term view for choosing expirations
  • Looking into crystal ball for realized volatility levels
  • New participants in the overlay space
  • Shifting the paradigm from harvesting premium to premium extraction
  • Navigating the spike in skew
  • The efficacy of skew

Office Hours: Listener questions and comments

  • Lumping options funds into the ‘alts ghetto.’ Is there a better category?
  • Are there too many options exchanges?