Our CEO had a chance to catch up with an options icon at OIC 2019. Their far-reaching conversation covered:
– Highlights from Thomas’s 42-year career in the options market
– What is the enduring legacy of Interactive Brokers?
– Thomas’s views on the new wave of zero commission brokerage firms invading the space.
– Why he decided to exit the options market-making business.
– Does he feel the options markets were irreparably harmed when exchanges became for-profit companies?
– Is he pleased with the performance of his stock on IEX?
– Is he still a proponent of a randomized speed bump for stocks and options?
– Did the options market drop the ball by allowing esoteric products like XIV to become prevalent with retail traders?
– His thoughts about crypto as an asset class?
– What excites him about the future of the options market?
– And much more…


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