When to roll covered calls?

What do you do when the stock moves toward your strike?

Do you close? Do you roll? If you roll, when do you do it?

Thoughts on best practices when the stock approaches your short call strike?




Takeaways from this year’s OIC conference:

From Eric – Mark did awesome job with Hall of Fame awards, my entrepreneur panel.
OCC May volume up 13.1%

OIC’S new certification program just recently launched. What is it? What types of courses are offered?




Question from DLVC – Does the SWAN team ever use spy options in their overlays instead of SPX? In general -what are the crew’s thoughts on the advantages of smaller contracts like spy or even the new CME micro futures when trading indexes? It certainly seems like there is a growing audience for these products even among larger institutions?

Question from TLRV$4 – I’ve heard you guys discuss collars in the past. Has Matt from ORATS ever tested the optimal construction of a collar? Can he share the secrets with the unwashed masses?

Question from LLN93 – Is there a license or program that certifies someone as a licensed options professional? They could even have different variations like a certified income trader, certified portfolio hedger, etc. 

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