Recent market recap: The rise & fall & rise again of volatility.

We’ve seen volatility make a resurgence followed by a fairly dramatic retreat since our last episode. Thoughts on the current market conditions? Thoughts on volatility at these current levels? Is the Fed done for the foreseeable future?

Earnings volatility breakdown – the question everyone is asks: What was the winning for this season – Long or short premium?

Any interesting takeaways from this year’s OIC Conference?

Bernie Sanders revives plan to tax stock, bond and derivatives trades –




Question from Brandon JT – Do you think the rash of share buybacks these past few years could be contributing to the volatility in the marketplace?

Question from Alex G. – Have you guys ever done a show about strategies and positions to utilize with ESOPS? If not any recommendations? Thanks.

Question from Melt Zone – Seems like the Morningstar options-based funds category has been pretty static since it was launched. Have you seen any updates or changes worthy of note? Can we expect any?

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