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The business show is your one stop shop to learn about all things happening in business. If it happens in business, it happens here. Only the business show can get regular interviews with business leaders, world powers, and people in the news. Additionally the show will debate important topics that affect the lives of listeners every day. Two liberal comedy actors and a conservative professional trader walk into a bar and instead of creating a joke, they create a podcast. The business show brings together business and comedy into one bite sized podcast. The business show will give budding investors important business news they need to know. In addition the show will teach investors important topics like what are specific companies stock symbols. What is the slogan of many companies that have stock symbols? Finally, the Business show has the high powered interviews with world leaders and business leaders that traders want to hear from.

The shows format is:

  • News
  • Learning stock symbols
  • Interviews
  • Debate
  • News

If you like business, if you like humor, if you like stock symbols, this is the podcast for you.



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