• Question from Joe and Linda –  I have  been knee deep with you guys for the last 14 months and can’t Thank You enough for the wealth of information you provide. One of my favorite quotes: ” Your generosity is only exceeded by my gratitude.” I have a long commute to work in the morning and have managed to listen to all 240+ of the Options Playbook, all of the Bootcamp, 90% of the OIC stuff as well as in and out of the Options Advisor and Futures show. Also haven’t missed Options Block for the last few months.  I purchased Dan’s Trading Options Greeks book and was wondering if he had an audio version. Could easily listen to it on my morning commute.  Thank You so much for all your help, looking forward to the future with you guys. Going to be successful enough to be able to travel thank you guys in person! Thanks Again!
  • Question from Rayman5839 – Hi! Is the option premium counted toward exercising an option when in the money?. New to options, thanks…So it would only be profitable if the intrinsic value heavily outweighs extrinsic?
  • Question from Thomas Weber – If I am short a deep in the money call in SPY (delta near 1), what are the odds I will be assigned before Friday expiration?
  • Question from Alto – Which do you think has a better chance of happening – no more earnings calls or after hours options trading? And which do you think would be more impactful for options traders? Do you have a preference?
  • Question from 6654P – Why are options on CBOE and CME GROUP viewed differently?
  • Question from Paul Vasquez – When is the “official” close as far as options expiration is concerned?  I’ve had calls assigned and had stocks put to me when the strike was out of the money at market close but it moved in and out during after hours trading. Any light you can shed on how expirations work would be appreciated. Thanks Paul, Sacramento, CA
  • Question from LL6 – Why did mini options fail? Are they done for good?
  • Question from Neels – Why is the logo for this show blue?
  • Question from RadH0k – Is spread delta just diff of the deltas on the two options?
  • Question from JackTam – Is there another exchange educator out there other than Cboe institute?