Today’s guest hosts are Dan Passarelli from Market Taker Mentoring, and Dave Russell, Vice President of Content Strategy at TradeStation.

Basic Training: Options Education for Veterans

  • Why is TradeStation pursuing veterans?
  • What is TradeStation doing specifically for veterans?
  • Which options strategies are most popular?

Mail Call: Options question of the week

Earnings season is upon us once again! It’s time for #Tech to put its best foot forward. Which big #tech names are you looking to sling some #options on this week?

  • Amazon ($AMZN)
  • Microsoft ($MSFT)
  • Alphabet ($GOOGL)
  • Facebook ($FB)

Listener questions and comments:

  • Question from B. Fowl – What is the most common options question that you guys get?
  • Question from P. James Lamar – Can you guys recommend an options platform for an active option trader? I’ll try to add a link to what I used to be able to do on my old platform but am no longer able to do. But I would like to find another platform that has single click entry and exit for options. If you know one please let me know. Thanks.
  • Question from Charlie C. – What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in the options market?
  • Question from LTV$ – What is the cheapest way to buy an option?
  • Question from Tim T. – You guys slammed buying straddles on your last show. Are they really that dangerous? Or is it more a question of people not knowing what they were getting into?
  • Comment from Allen Van – My Favorite Greek – My options trading is mostly focused around theta. I really don’t pay attention to the other Greeks. It’s all about collecting the theta. Seems to be working so far. Am I nuts?