Mark, Dan, and Jill were all in the Options Insider studio to record this session. Education, and hilarity, ensued.

Options Drills: What are options trading ideas that an active stock trader can use in their portfolio?

  • Getting paid to take on risk, cash-secured put
  • The wheel trade
  • Stock replacement strategy; what about using LEAPS?
  • Using a diagonal spread to generate income

Mail Call: Fall in for listener questions and comments

  • Question from Tiim: Why isn’t it standard or maybe required to let people close out shorts for free below $.10?
  • Question from USA Patriot: What is ADV??
  • Question from Richard D: Are there any trades that if you did not have to pay brokerage fees would be excellent types of trades? I recently have been given the opportunity to trade options and equities for a near zero trading costs for about a year. I had in the past found some multi-leg spreads or underlyings with a really low prices unworkable because the trading costs made the potential gains or expected value too low. Thank you for your time and for the great shows you consistently point out! Best, Richard
  • Question from Ascentaa: What can happen to the current options being held of KITE which is acquired by GILD and is being delisted?
  • Question from Yieldhawk: What is the biggest size one could buy in options? If one had a long position of $1B and want to hedge w $10 million worth is that ok?
  • Question from Lonesome: Could you explain Theta and how it helps/hurts options traders? Should anyone ever buy OTM options?
  • Question from Butcherboyz: What options trading strategy would you say is best suited to people with absolutely zero knowledge of options? Thanks.