Options Drills: What is a calendar? How do we set them up for earnings? Strike/Month selection? Should we carry them through the event? When do we take off?
Calendars vs. Diagonals?

Mail Call: Fall in recruits and get your questions asked.

With $VIX giving up the ghost – which products are you hoping will provide new sources of #Volatility for your #options trading?

  • 33% – Crude Oil (WTI, etc)
  • 20% – Metals ($GLD, $SLV, etc)
  • 20% – FX (GBP/USD, etc)
  • 27% – Indv. Equities-$TSLA, etc

VIX Limbo: Last Month 40+% of you said $VIX wouldn’t break 9 in 2017. But recent events have us asking again: How low will $VIX get in 2017?

  • Still Won’t Break 9
  • Won’t Break 8.5
  • Won’t Break 8.0
  • Lookout – 7 Handle in ’17

Listner Questions and Comments: What is on your mind?

  • Question from Lesnod – How do you get out of the straddles? One side of a straddle is always a loss correct?
  • Question from Meatz – Would you describe successful options trading as primarily singles and doubles or more swing for the fences home runs?
  • Question from Bulzeye7 – Are options worth it for day-traders? Or just for swing-traders?
  • Question from Axel D – What does open interest only update once a day?
  • Question from Mary – What is the shortest expiry available for plain vanilla options?
  • Question from Lincan – My go to options strat is to sell covered puts on stocks that I want to buy then get paid to wait. If the stock comes my way I eventually trade out of it using a covered call. What do you think? Savvy or stupid?
  • Question from Steve: With the VIX so low, I am not selling a lot of options anymore, because I am afraid that I will not collect enough premium. Am I thinking of this incorrectly?