We wanted to share an update of the MONTHLY chart or BTC as we feel that offers the most useful trading information given BTC’s recent price action. Of course it’s vital to watch the daily and weekly patterns, and those are usually far more tradeable, but given the monthly pattern and the fact we’re coming up on year end, we think subs should know the longer-term charts say we may be coming to the end of yet another consolidation pattern and a big move may be coming soon.

We also share the BTC futures chart, as the futures have often been a good place to see big moves shaping up. There’s no “smoking gun” there currently, but increasing volume certainly is worth nothing.

ALTCOINS — moved up early in the week but continue to be at the mercy of BTC overall.

We continue to watch and trade with PATIENCE, and will continue to update. If it helps you stay patient, remember the long consolidation pattern from earlier this year when patterns called the last BIG MOVE from 6500 or so all the way to $14,000.