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Office Hours: It ‘s all listener questions today

  • Comment from Avery – Interesting piece about when to fire your financial advisor on the street today. Your thoughts?
  • Question from B. Goldberg – I have a large number of SMAs with smaller balances (typically $5,000 – $10,000) from new clients. Most are younger clients willing to try their hands at newer products beyond stocks including options. What are some good options use cases for these types of smaller accounts?
  • Question from Leslie Necing – Morningstar has an option-based category for their funds. But it includes everything from volatility funds to overlays so it ‘s hardly useful for comparison purposes. What categories should they include to provide more meaningful comparisons for people looking for options funds?
  • Question from Scott Somer:How would movement to treat capital gains to FIFO for the underlying stocks be good or bad for the options market?
  • Comment from Papa Scalp – What ‘s scary is how many “advisors” don ‘t have a clue, not even for portfolio protection or insurance.
  • Question from FKnight67 – Is there one position or strategy that you feel applies best to the vast majority of financial advisors and asset managers.
  • Question from Mark Clyde Brant:Will rising vol persist all year? VIX above 20, VXX above 40, half the time? What is the current version of the Swan process? Someone should back test how often fading the skew, by buying the cheaper options, wins.
  • Question from Allan Tullman – There was a lot of research last year regarding selling put options to harvest risk premium. Now that volatility is back is this an ideal time to harvest premium via put selling or does the increased volatility increase the probability of getting whipsawed?
  • Question from Nevos – There are a ton of tickers for the Swan DRS. Are they pretty much all the same or is there a primary fund that I should look for?
  • Question from Bill T. – Is there a platform you recommend for advisors looking on onboard more options clients?